Competitive team

Our competitive team led by Jaroslav Malčík has training up to 5 times a week. Girls and boys from 12 years have their training separately in small groups (3-8 players). Our players also take part in Prague tournament “Beachliga”, where they use their skills from training to defeat the opponents. 

Our goal is to train the professional players those can be able to become the representatives of the club in international tournaments.

Training 4 – 5 TIMES A WEEK:

  • 3 times a week – training on the sand in small groups
  • Once a week – training focused on the condition
  • Once a week – indoor volleyball (only girls, coach Tomáš Malčík)

Our coaches:

  • Jaroslav Malčík (head coach)
  • Jakub Holčík
  • Petr Krejčiřík (physiotherapist)
  • Tomáš Malčík (head coach for indoor volleyball)
  • Hanka Svozilová
  • Davide Pellegrino 🇮🇹